4 Ola Electric Bikes – Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster, Diamondhead

Ola Electric made a bold and exciting move on Independence Day, unveiling four concept electric motorcycles that embrace a futuristic design ethos. The electric bikes introduced are named Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster, and Diamondhead. While detailed specifications of these models remain undisclosed, the company has confirmed that these concepts are in their initial testing phase, with final versions slated for completion by 2024 through a phased approach. Here we delve into the key details of the Ola electric bikes, which have been unveiled in their concept avatars.

Ola Cruiser:

Ola Cruiser Electric Bike

Instantly recognizable with its characteristic cruiser-style, low-slung profile and gracefully flowing lines, the Ola Cruiser boasts an LED headlamp and DRLs set within a hexagonal housing. Notable design elements encompass an elongated fuel tank region, a one-piece handlebar, LED running brake light, and a compact tail section. The central digital instrument console is integrated into the handlebar. The Cruiser is equipped with an USD fork at the front and a proarm with monoshock suspension at the rear. Braking power is provided by twin disc brakes at the front and a single disc brake at the rear. The bike rides on 18-17-inch wheels.

Ola Adventure:

Ola Adventure Electric Bike

Catering to adventure enthusiasts, the Ola Adventure concept showcases an edgy and dynamic design language. The front fascia exudes aggression with vertical LED DRLs nestled within LED light pods, complemented by a tall windscreen. A flat and wide one-piece handlebar with knuckle protectors and tall mirror stalks define its bold character. The Adventure concept features a raised saddle, a small tail section housing a substantial luggage rack, and saddle stays on either side. Similar to its counterpart, the Adventure model is furnished with a digital instrument cluster. Suspension is managed by USD forks at the front and a long-travel monoshock at the rear. Stopping power comes from single disc brakes at both ends. This concept rides on 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wire-spoke wheels wrapped in Pirelli Scorpion STR tires.

Ola Roadster:

Ola Roadster Electric Bike

The Ola Roadster flaunts a notably compact front-end design, accentuated by an LED strip functioning as the headlight and a diminutive windscreen. Distinctive body extensions flank the fuel tank area, seamlessly housing turn indicators. Differing from its predecessors, the Roadster boasts a split-seat arrangement and an innovative saddle configuration. A machined aluminum rear subframe with a polished finish is bolted on. This model features mid-rear positioned foot pegs and tall clip-ons. Braking capabilities are delivered via twin-disc front and single-disc rear brakes. The Roadster concept employs 17-inch wheels and a suspension setup comprising USD fork at the front and monoshock at the rear. Notably, the Ola Roadster is the sole operational concept, hinting at its impending transition to production.

Ola Diamondhead:

Ola Diamondhead Electric Bike

The Ola Diamondhead stands out as one of the most distinctive-looking electric bike concepts, featuring a diamond-shaped front with a horizontal LED strip, a LED headlamp pod, and a fully enclosed fairing. The powertrain is centrally positioned within the bike’s frame. The Diamondhead concept boasts an aggressive riding posture, with the saddle’s elevation nearly aligned with the ‘fuel tank’ region, accompanied by sporty low-slung clip-ons. An intriguing feature is the dual-position foot pegs, offering riders the choice between comfort and sport configurations. The Ola Diamondhead concept showcases a hub-centered steering system at the front and a double-sided swingarm at the rear. It is equipped with 17-inch front and rear alloy wheels and features a twin-disc setup at the front and a single disc at the rear.


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