Mahindra OJA Tractors Prices Start at Rs 5.64 Lakh – All Details

Mahindra Tractors has proudly unveiled its latest tractor series, named the Mahindra OJA, at a special event called Futurescape held in Cape Town, South Africa. The nomenclature “OJA” derives from Sanskrit, symbolizing “Powerhouse of Energy.” The newly launched Mahindra OJA tractor range, the result of collaborative efforts by engineers from diverse regions including India and Japan, is produced in India for a worldwide audience. A substantial investment of around Rs 1200 crore was channeled into crafting these tractors, embodying novel concepts for lightweight, four-wheel-drive (4WD) tractors.

The Cape Town event witnessed the introduction of three distinct variants of OJA tractors: Sub Compact, Compact, and Small Utility, catering to the varied needs of different markets. For the Indian agricultural sector, Mahindra has rolled out 7 new models within the OJA range, encompassing power outputs ranging from 20bhp to 40bhp. This spectrum of power offerings come with three technology packs – MYOJA (Intelligence Pack), PROJA (Productivity Pack) and ROBIJA (Automatic Pack). The OJA 2127 and OJA 3140 have been priced at Rs 5.64 lakh and Rs 7.35 lakh, respectively (ex-showroom, Pune).

While the journey commences in India, Mahindra has ambitious plans to extend the presence of these tractors to global territories such as North America, Europe, and South Africa. The ASEAN region will also witness the advent of these tractors, with Thailand being the initial destination in 2024. To ensure an exceptional customer experience, the carmaker is also enhancing its network of partners. The modern production hub for the Mahindra OJA tractors is situated in Zaheerabad, Telangana, India.

Key Advantages of Mahindra OJA Tractors:

Power-to-Weight Ratio: These tractors exhibit impressive strength relative to their size, enhancing their efficacy in agricultural tasks.

Enhanced Traction: Standard 4WD capabilities enable these tractors to perform efficiently across diverse terrains.

Precision and Performance with Automation: Equipped with advanced engine technology, these tractors optimize fuel consumption while effortlessly tackling strenuous tasks. Additionally, smart controls augment their operational efficiency.

Comfort and Convenience: These tractors prioritize user comfort, with adjustable steering wheels and conveniently accessible controls.

Cost-Effectiveness: The thoughtfully designed tractors offer affordability alongside minimal maintenance requirements.

Mahindra’s OJA tractors also emphasize reduced noise and vibration levels, ease of servicing, and adherence to safety standards. Equipped with specialized lights, they ensure optimal visibility during nighttime operations. Designed with flexibility in mind, the tractors feature attachments for additional tools and accessories, addressing the unique needs of farmers. The operator area of the tractor is crafted to prioritize comfort and ease of use, ensuring a productive experience.

Mahindra OJA Tractors Prices Start at Rs 5.64 Lakh – All Details


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