Ola Trademarked 4 Names For Electric Bikes

We got a glimpse of the upcoming Ola electric bikes in their concept forms on Independence Day. Although the company has kept the launch timeline and details under wraps, a presentation slide did mention ‘end 2024’ as a potential timeframe. While the market launch is still quite a way off, the company has recently trademarked four names for these concept bikes – M1 Cruiser, M1 Adventure, M1 Cyber Racer, and Diamond Head.

Among these, the Ola Diamond Head electric concept stands out with its uniquely futuristic design. It features a diamond-shaped front end, an elevated fuel tank, and an aggressive riding position. The bike boasts a fully enclosed fairing, an LED headlight pod, and a horizontal LED strip at the front. Distinctive features include dual-position foot pegs, 17-inch front and rear alloy wheels, a futuristic engine casing, and an unconventional exhaust system.

Ola Electric Bikes

The Ola M1 Cruiser, on the other hand, exhibits a classic cruiser profile with low-slung aesthetics and flowing lines. Its front end features a hexagonal housing housing LED headlamps and DRLs. Design highlights include a one-piece handlebar, an elongated fuel tank, 18-17-inch wheels, and an LED running brake light. The bike’s rear section appears compact, and it integrates a central digital instrument console within the handlebar.

Moving on to the Ola M1 Adventure concept, it boasts vertically placed LED DRLs, a tall windscreen, tall mirror stalks, and a wide, flat one-piece handlebar with knuckle protectors. This adventure-oriented bike is equipped with 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wire-spoke wheels fitted with Pirelli Scorpion STR tires. The suspension setup comprises USD forks at the front and a long-travel monoshock at the rear.

Lastly, the Ola M1 Cyber Racer name is expected to be associated with the Roadster concept, which features a compact front end housing a small windscreen and an LED strip functioning as the headlight.

Ola Trademarked 4 Names For Electric Bikes – Diamond Head, M1


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