Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition Launched

India’s premium electric two-wheeler maker, Ultraviolette has introduced new special ‘Space Edition’ of the F77 electric motorcycle in the country. The new model is positioned as a top variant and is priced at Rs 5.60 lakh. The new Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition is around 95,000 more expensive than the F77 Recon. The new Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition comes with new bespoke paint scheme with unique elements. Production of the new edition is limited to only 10 units.

The new Space Edition comes with a special white paint scheme, which Ultraviolette claims ‘contributes to efficiency by reducing drag.’ The company has added Special Edition badging on the multiple places of the motorcycle. The new bikes will come with a number on the charging port flap.

Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition Price

Ultraviolette India has also added new tank graphics and new aerodynamic wheel cover on the F77 Space Edition. The motorcycle’s key is developed using a single block of Aerospace Grade Aluminium. The motorcycle gets Pirelli Diablo Rosso II rubber instead of the MRF Steel Brace tyres in the standard bike.

The Space Edition comes fitted with a 10.3kWh battery pack and offers a claimed range of 307km on a single charge. The range figures are similar to the top-spec Recon variant of the F77; however, the electric motor’s peak output figures are different. The F77 Space Edition produces 40.5hp and 100Nm of torque, which is similar to the Limited Edition variant of the F77 (priced at Rs 5.50 lakh).

Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition Launched – Price & Details


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